Common Questions Regarding Fitness Cable

As fitness equipment requires the best components, numerous questions are often brought up to Loos in relation to our fitness cable, EXERFLEXPRO®

Medical Strand Cable and its Uses

Did you know that Loos & Company sells stranded cable for the medical industry through our Medical Technologies Division?

Did You Know We Are ISO 13485 Certified?

Obtaining this certification represents our commitment to expand our medical product offerings and to support the quality requirements of our...

Wire Rope All Around You

Wire and wire rope support our transportation and communications infrastructure, using products manufactured by Loos & Company

Does Lubrication Affect Cable Strength?

The simple answer is no because it does not change the inherent break strength of the cable, it does still impact cycle life which is equally as...

Historical usage of cable in aircraft

This months issue of Wire Rope News and Sling Technology features our very own Mike Wallace lending his knowledge of aircraft cable

Recent Changes to MIL-DTL-83420

Important updates have been made to a Military Specification that Loos & Company certifies several of its products to.

How to Control Erosion

Loos and Company manufactures domestic wire rope used in turf reinforcement mats for erosion protection

Aircraft Cable: Save Now and Pay Later

Wire rope is an investment in performance, reliability, safety, and peace of mind. It pays to analyze all aspects of the value created with your...

How To Easily Repair Fitness Cable

When it comes to repairing fitness cable, there are some common mistakes that gym owners, repair professionals, and OEM manufacturers make that leads...

Medical Strand Cable and Its Uses

Our stranded products are used in a variety of applications including Endoscopy, Catheterizations, Orthodontics, and Orthopedics.

An Overview of our Wire Rope

Here at Loos and Company, our domestically manufactured wire rope is considered to be the best on the market.

Fitness Cable is about Performance


Cable Life Line: Safety and Style

Loos & Company white vinyl jacketed Stainless Steel Life Line Cable is the industry’s recognized leader in appearance and quality.

What is Mil-Spec Aircraft Cable?

What is Mil-Spec? The HotWire takes a few minutes to explain the intricacies of Military Specification Wire Rope.

3 Reasons to Get ISO Certified

Having ISO certification provides a sense of reassurance that the business has the tools in place (i.e., the quality management system itself)

How Do I Design a Pulley System?

In today's blog, Loos and Company will provide some helpful tips and considerations that are useful to apply when designing your own pulley system

What is Safety Lock Wire Used for?

Last week, we talked about how our cable, wire rope, and cable assemblies ensure your safety on airplanes. Well this week we will talk about how anot

How Do you Define Aircraft Cable?

The term aircraft cable is used to denote wire ropes from sizes roughly .047” to .375” and constructions 7x7 and 7x19.

Torque Balanced Wire Rope

What is a torque balanced wire rope? Spin characteristics designed into the rope...

Why Choose Loos?

An infographic on what makes Loos and Company the leading manufacture of aircraft cable, wire rope, cable assemblies, wire, and so much more!

Large Diameter Stainless Wire Rope

Here at The Hotwire, we’re still amazed by the versatility of our wire ropes in some truly interesting installations.

It's Just Stainless Cable, Right?

I have described below the process we use to turn stainless steel stainless steel wire rope. Read more about our process.

What is Aircraft Cable?

It may surprise some of our readers to know that aircraft cable is actually used in aircraft.

Manufacturing Aircraft Cable

High quality cable and cable assemblies are critical to safe flights. If you are in need of this cable, you are in need of Loos & Company's products.

Coated Cable FAQs—Answered

Jacketed cable, or coated cable as it is sometimes referred to, can serve a wide range of applications.

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