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Benefits of Domestic Manufacturing: Trust in the “Made in USA” Label

When looking for a provider for cable assemblies, consider the following before looking overseas:

Choosing domestic manufacturing offers a myriad of benefits. When looking for a provider for cable assemblies, consider the following before looking overseas:  

Benefit #1: Shorter Lead Times 

Opting for domestic sourcing offers the advantage of quicker product deliveries compared to relying on maritime freight, which often means lead times of two weeks or more. Trucking carriers move swiftly, with fewer obstacles, such as unforeseen delays due to port or customs issues. In addition, domestic sourcing provides lower inventory turnover time. This allows businesses to adjust their production schedules to match demand fluctuations. This flexibility allows for better inventory management, leading to shorter lead times. 

Benefit #2: “Made In USA” Quality

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Products bearing the "Made in the USA" label are recognized for their durability, reliability, and effectiveness. While overseas manufacturing involves quality monitoring, it's harder to ascertain a product's actual value when it doesn't meet American standards. Buying from American businesses guarantees superior craftsmanship and care. The "Made in the U.S.A." label not only signifies job creation but also leads to a sense of pride and patriotism from the customers. 

Benefit #3: Decreased Transportation, Increased Sustainability 

The production of domestic products often involves shorter transportation distances, leading to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. When you purchase products from overseas, they must travel long distances by various means of transportation, which burns fossil fuels and releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In contrast, domestic products have a much shorter journey from manufacturer to customer, significantly decreasing your carbon footprint. 

Benefit #4: Boosting/Supporting the American Economy 

When you buy from American companies that manufacture their products domestically, you actively contribute to businesses that provide job opportunities for fellow American citizens. Moreover, a thriving manufacturing industry fuels overall economic growth. By producing and manufacturing locally, there is a boost in demand, generating income and fostering a positive economic environment, which leads to increased investments in local economies and a rise in tax revenue.  

Benefit #5: Elevated Standards 

With domestically manufactured products come performance and quality standards. At Loos & Co., we pride ourselves on our employees and manufacturing standards. Safe working environments are paired with the proper equipment and techniques to ensure the right building blocks are in place to guarantee high-quality products consistently. Here are some of the key standards Loos & Co adheres to: 

100% Domestic/Buy America Act: When 100% domestic wire rope is requested, as mandated by the Buy America Act, Loos & Co. performs every aspect of the manufacturing process within the USA, including steel melting, stranding, and closing. This standard is especially crucial for projects involving the Department of Transportation (DOT) or federal funds. 

Buy American Act: As the Act requires, Loos & Co. ensures that the cost of product supplies manufactured outside the USA does not exceed 50% of the total price of the final product. The company strives to maintain a significant portion of the manufacturing process within the USA. 

Military Specifications: Loos & Co. adheres to stringent Military Specification Standards, or Mil-Spec, set by the Department of Defense. Mil-Spec ensures high-quality products that meet strict requirements for manufacturing, materials used, and performance. 


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Domestic manufacturing has many benefits, such as job opportunities, economic growth, reduced environmental impact and more. At Loos & Co., we believe it’s all that and beyond. Loos and Co.'s devotion to domestically sourcing products reflects our dedication to supporting the American manufacturing sector. In a time when overseas outsourcing dominates, Loos & Co. remains steadfast in its commitment to American roots. We take pride in American-made products such as our two most popular product lines, swaging tools and wire rope terminals. Check our website to learn more about our remarkable products or to submit a RFQ. 

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