Loos & Company Specialty Products

Loos & Company manufactures a variety of specialty cable products.

Loos Specialty Products

As part of our web upgrades, we have created a set of new pages on our site for Specialty Products that we manufacture. This new section allows for easier navigation, and increase awareness of products that often get lost behind wire, cable, and wire rope. So, visit the Loos & Company Specialty Products Page to learn more about what is available.


Reflexlite Cable: Wire rope is, at its core, a safety product. Whether lifting, pulling, or securing a load, the strength and flexibility of wire rope makes it a superior choice when you need to protect lives and assets.Loos & Company has combined the mechanical properties of wire rope with the added safety of light reflective plastic coating to make Reflexlite®, a safety product that provides a visual barrier for outlining hazards in any application.

HideWireLoos & Company HideWire is the premium livestock containment system currently on the market. HideWire is a flat wrapped cable that is used as fencing in feedlots and pastures. What makes HideWire different is its smooth exterior surface that protects animal hides from abrasion scars caused by inferior forms of fencing, such as barbed wire, wood, and others. Loos & Company HideWire is a stronger, more durable solution and is up to any challenge a rancher may come across.

Fitness Cable: For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers have relied on Loos & Company cable as the only cable used in their equipment. EXERFLEXPRO® builds on Loos & Company's tradition of providing fitness equipment manufacturers, equipment owners, and equipment repair professionals the highest level of cable performance and safety on the market.

Canveyor Conveyor Cable: For almost forty years Loos & Company has manufactured and perfected its Canveyor® Cable products. Since 1973 the Canveyor® Trademark has been a recognized symbol of quality and reliability at canneries throughout the world.Loos & Company wants to make sure that the only down time your line sees is when you schedule it. We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products, and that is why with proper preforming and strict quality standards that Loos & Company stands above the rest.

Mooring And Oceanographic Cable: Our spin and corrosion resistant design is perfect for maintaining buoyed monitoring equipment and data collection devises in environments ranging from warm and tropical (Gulf of Mexico and the Indian Ocean) to cold and unforgiving (North Pacific and the Great Lakes).

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