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Introducing Our Newest Welding Wire Catalog

CWI is proud to reintroduce our Gen4 welding wire consumables through the release of our newest Welding Wire Catalog.

CWI is proud to reintroduce our Gen4 welding wire consumables with the release of our newest Welding Wire CatalogThe 8-page guide provides information on our specialty stainless and nickel alloy consumables, outlining recommended welding procedures and packaging for those products. This comprehensive guide is free and available for immediate download on our welding wire product page at https://centralwire.com/products/welding-wire/. Here’s a closer look at what’s available in the catalog.


Certified Alloys and Chemical Properties:

For information about Gen4 stainless steel or nickel wire, we recommend utilizing the charts on pages 4 and 5. This catalog provides a full breakdown of typical chemical compositions and AWS A5.9 and AWS A5.14 specifications to ensure you get the required Gen4 alloys for your application. These pages also take the guesswork out of processing your stainless steel or nickel wire by including measurements for voltage, amperage, and gas recommendations.

Gen4 Wire Diameters:

The chart on page 6 outlines Gen4 wire diameters by welding type. It includes conversions from metric millimeters to imperial inches for MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), and SUB ARC (SAW) diameters, and even includes visual sample sizes of diameters from 1/16” to 3/16”.

Packaging Options:

Choosing the optimal packaging for your Gen4 welding wire consumables is equally as important as choosing the product itself. The chart on page 7 makes it easy to compare reel, spool, drum, and tube options for MIG, TIG, and SUB ARC welding types. Additionally, our pallet weight and standard packaging categories make it easy to plan bulk orders and shipping.

welding-stainlessVisit https://centralwire.com/products/welding-wire/ to view our line of evolutionary Gen4 welding wire products and download a copy of the Gen4 Welding Catalog.. If you have any additional questions about what CWI can do for you, contact us, today and we’ll be happy to draw on our innovative nature to help in any way we can.


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