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CWI WELDING WIRE: An Evolution We Are Proud Of

Central Wire Industries is back in the welding consumables business with the relaunch of innovative Gen4 specialty alloy welding wire products.

In case you missed it, Central Wire Industries is back in the welding consumables business relaunching our innovative Gen4 specialty alloy welding wire.

Gen4 brings a long history of manufacturing advanced welding wire to the welding-wire filler market. CWI traces its roots to Reid-Avery Company, which trademarked its ferrous and non-ferrous welding goods under the name of RACO in 1924. Retaining and building on our knowledge from the past, we continue to evolve and improve. Gen4 welding wire gets its name from being the 4th generation of wire our experts have created, specifically engineered for weldability, strength, and long-lasting results.

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Our expertise in product development continues with specialization in nickel and stainless welding products suited for many applications.

Gen4 products are manufactured for submerged arc welding (SAW), tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), and gas metal arc welding (MIG). We offer solid continuous MIG welding wires with excellent physical characteristics, including easy feed ability. Expect the highest quality stainless and nickel welding wire grades.

Manufactured in North America and England, our welding wire is accessible all over the globe. For our Canadian-based customers, we have a location in Perth, Ontario, and a distribution center in Calgary, Alberta. For our customers based in the United Kingdom, we have a facility in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England.

We also have some exciting news for our American customers, who appreciate our commitment to being a producer, supplier, and distributor of USA-made products. Starting this winter, our facility in Houston, Texas will begin manufacturing Gen4 welding wire.

With our re-emergence on the welding consumables scene, we are confident in our extreme consistency and high-quality ISO and CWB-certified grades. We provide customers with any diameter needed on spools or rods, including bulk orders. Our history and knowledge are an integral part of the new generation of welding wire.

Gen4 welding products and services represent evolution, survival, and strength. This is our story as we embrace our welding history and continue to evolve towards the future. For more information about the Gen4 welding line, visit https://centralwire.com/products/welding-wire/.

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