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How to Control Erosion

Apr 18, 2022 08:00 AM

Wire rope is used in a variety of applications, as you are well aware. You can find Loos and Company Wire Rope in everything from dam gates to hoisting slings, and in many other not so obvious applications. One important, yet often, overlooked application is erosion control.  This is an extremely important in agriculture, mining, and civil engineering projects, such as building construction and highway construction. This week, we’ll turn the spotlight on how Loos and Company Wire Rope is involved with erosion control. 

Wire rope can be used to make a woven structure which is supported by cement blocks, similar to the picture below. However, where you see the pieces of metal holding the rope together, precast cement blocks would be used.



The wire rope is used as a supporting structure for the turf reinforcement mats (or blankets as they are sometimes called) to provide extra protection in environments which are prone to erosion. By supporting this mat with wire rope, you are ensuring that the vegetation which normally grows there does not experience harmful disruptions during heavy rains or other weather events. 

When erosion control products are being installed as part of a government funded project, contracts often specify that the wire rope being used is of domestic origin.  In other words: the rope needs to be manufactured in the United States to be in compliance with contractual requirements. 

For decades now, Loos and Company has been the trusted source to provide the highest quality domestic wire rope for installation in these applications. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to meet even the strictest standards, and can provide the certifications to prove it! 

If you have an application in which wire rope is needed, please contact a product manager. They will be able to assist you with determining which product will work best for you. 


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