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Loos and Company has over 50 years of experience in the wire and cable industry. With our knowledge and experience, we can offer the highest quality products available on the market. Our general product lines and capabilities are listed above. As a manufacturer we can provide customized products for any application. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products and capabilities, visit our product specific pages or contact us.

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Four More Wire Products Offered at Loos & Co

Sep 14, 2022 07:15 AM

Loos and Company Wire

In our last blog post, we looked at a few of the wire products offered at Loos & Co. Today, we want to share some information about four other wire products that are available at Loos. These four wire products are medical wire, lashing wire, tie wire, and knitted wire mesh. Knowing the differences between these products makes it easy to choose the wire product for your task! Continue reading to learn about the capabilities and applications of each of these four products.

Medical Wire:

Our medical wire is offered in two forms, round and flat wire. Round wire is stocked in sizes ranging from 001" to .188" and beyond. Flat wire is rolled and available in sizes ranging from .001" x .003" to .019" x .037". These wires are commonly used in medical applications thanks to their strength, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. Some of the main applications of flat and round medical wire are core wire, braiding wire, and staple wire.

Lashing Wire:

Lashing wire is wire used to "lash" an overhead or aerial cable or wire to a supporting strand. Cable lashing is a way to stabilize cables during high-current events. Our lashing wire is intended for commercial lashers such as Class C & D and is frequently used in the telecommunications, utilities, and cable TV industries.

Tie Wire:

Tie wire is a term for wire that has been softened by annealing. What's annealing? Annealing is a manufacturing process that softens wire by subjecting it to extremely high temperatures. Annealed wire is very malleable and can stay in the shape it's bent into. Some common uses of tie wire include securing rebar together on construction sites and bundling.

Knitted Wire Mesh:

Knitted wire mesh is a metal wire strand that's woven into a mesh structure. The process is similar to the way cotton is woven into a sweater. Wire knitting creates a mesh of interlocking loops, which move relative to each other without distorting the mesh. The interlocking loops make knitted wire mesh extremely flexible and allow the mesh to return to its original shape when stress is removed (if the mesh is not distorted beyond its yield point). Knitted wire mesh is commonly used as mist eliminators and a filter for various industries such as environmental, food and beverage, and refinery towers. Loos has access to knitting products through Central Wire IndustriesIf you want to learn more about knitting wire, visit CWI's Tech-Mesh website here.


To learn more about medical, lashing, tie, and knitted wire products, visit our detailed wire webpage here. Alternatively, if you want to browse all our wire products in an easy-to-read catalog, fill out a short form to download a free copy here. If you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by email at sales@loosco.com or by phone at (860) 928-7981.