For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers have relied on Loos and Company cable as the only cable used in their equipment. Developed in our research and manufacturing facility in Pomfret, Connecticut, ExerflexPro® builds on Loos and Company's tradition of providing fitness equipment manufacturer, equipment owners, and equipment repair professionals the highest quality cable performance and safety on the market including home workout cables for cable weight machines.

Loos and Company keeps a large inventory of 7x19 preformed galvanized cable in stock and we coat to the following sizes:

3/32 coated to 5/32
1/8 coated to 3/16
5/32 coated to 7/32
3/16 coated to 1/4
1/4 coated to 5/16

As a manufacturer, we can most likely meet whatever requirements you may have.  

Each lot of ExerflexPro® is tested and certified, which results in fewer failures under strain, and lessening the risk of injury. Our customers find that the quality of ExerflexPro® cannot be beat and that is why more and more original equipment manufacturers and repair professionals alike trust only Loos and Company to provide them with exercise cable.

If it sounds like ExerflexPro® can meet the needs of your application, contact one of our product managers or fill out the form on the right and we will get back to you immediately with a custom quote.


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