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Repairing Fitness Cable: What Not to Do

May 09, 2022 09:30 AM

In this edition of The HotWire's "What not to do!" series, we'll review some well intentioned but mis-informed advice about where to go to repair your fitness cable. The following were pulled from internet bulletin boards. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Discussion 1:

fitness cable repairQuestion
Hello. I am trying to find how to replace a broken cable, I have been to local sports stores and internet sites without success. The home gym set is an older one so it's making it more difficult to find replacement parts.

Your best bet is to fabricate the cable yourself.  If you could find the right part, it might cost you $50. But I bet the right person at a hardware store could sell you the right pieces for about $15 and tell you how to put them together too.  I know that may take more time, but those old parts can be impossible to find.

Although you can find very inexpensive cable at your local hardware store, you'll also be getting inferior cable. Remember: not all aircraft cable is created equal. Loos & Company provides Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable for just this application, and it is available on all major manufacturers equipment and from many top replacement parts distributors.

Discussion 2:


exerflex pro fitness cableI have an older model Precor home gym that is equipped with pulley cables and a weight stack. One part of the rubber casing on one of the cables came off (only about a 4 inch section of the rubber casing). What can I put on the cable to repair this? I don't want the cable itself to splice. I have tried black electrical tape but that did not work. Replacement cables are no longer available for this machine. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer 1

I am not aware of a viable way to repair worn outer cable coatings, however, getting a replacement cable should not be a big deal. Lots of hardware stores can make you a new one.

Answer 2

There is a vinyl grip compound that comes in a can...available at hardware stores. It is used to make quick plastic handles for pliers, hammers, etc. You could purchase this and very carefully paint successive layers of this on the cable."

In response to the first answer, I would refer you to the discussion above. As for the second answer: that's downright scary! An aircraft cable is a finely tuned machine, and on Exercise Equipment it is designed to take all the force generated by the user and spread it across the many wires (133 to be exact). 

Aircraft cable on which the jacket has been worn is telling you that it is time for a change.  More importantly, wire that has been exposed to the pulley has been fatiguing and is undoubtedly worse for wear. Trying to repair the jacket is only hiding the symptoms of cable fatigue, not prolonging wire life. This situation, in which cable close to failure is continuing to be used, is very dangerous. If you see this on your equipment, have it immediately changed by a professional, and make sure to use a top quality cable like Loos & Company's Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable.

If in your journeys through the internet you come across any similar "What not to do" postings, feel free to send it to us here at LoosCo.com. If you have any questions about aircraft cable care, or any other wire ore wire rope related details, contact a product manager and we'll be sure to give you well informed, professional advice!