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Galvanized Aircraft Cable: Pros & Cons

Dec 18, 2017 06:55 PM

I often get requests in which the user is not quite sure if they can or should use a galvanized aircraft cable. In most applications, the environment or price point will dictate whether or not galvanized aircraft cable will suffice. So what should you keep in mind when deciding to use a galvanized aircraft cable? Here are a few of the basic Pros and Cons to consider:

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel aircraft cable has superior corrosion resistance to galvanized aircraft cable in most environments. If you are concerned with corrosion, you should not be using galvanized aircraft cable.


In general, galvanized aircraft cable has a higher breaking strength than stainless steel aircraft cable. If you have limited space in which to fit you cable, galvanized aircraft cable will provide greater strength than the same sized stainless steel aircraft cable


Galvanized aircraft cable is less expensive than Stainless steel aircraft cable. Less expensive, all other things being equal,  means that in many applications it can create a higher value for your customers. However, overlooking other characteristics of galvanized aircraft cable could leave your customers with a product that doesn't last or doesn't perform up to their expectations. So be careful using cost alone as your deciding factor.

So, when you next sit down to design a new product or apply an existing product in a new way, keep the above in mind. If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we'd be more than happy to talk you through some of the finer differences between galvanized aircraft cable and stainless steel aircraft cable.