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Deciphering Military Aircraft Cable Call-Outs

May 27, 2010 10:06 AM

Mioliraty Specification Aircraft CableAs anyone working with Military Specifications knows, deciphering the alphabet soup that is the material designation can be frustrating.

The Military specification for Galvanized and Stainless Steel Aircraft cable, Mil-DTL-83420M, is no exception. The cables are designated by size, type, and composition, and further segmented on the MIL-DTL-83420M Qualified Producers List by what is affectionately know as the "Slash and Dash": a series of numbers meant to facilitate ordering of material based on the aforementioned size, type, and composition.

For example, you may receive an inquiry for Type 2 Composition B 3/32"-1/8" 7x7 Aircraft Cable. Or a customer may just ask you for M83420/4-013. How do you know what they need?

First, You can alway consult the Military Specification pageon our website. It contains a complete listing of all applicable military specification pertaining to aircraft cables, as well as down-loadable versions of publicly available military specifications.

Next, feel free to contact one of our Product Managers. They can provide you with a translation, and a quotation, for the Stainless steel or Galvanized aircraft cables that you need.

And finally, if you feel the need to tackle this alone, here is an explanation of the basic details for specifying Military Specification Galvanized and Stainless Steel Aircraft cable:

Material Composition

There are two compositions of steel specified in MIL-DTL-83420

Composition A: Galvanized Steel

Composition B: Corrosion resistant (Stainless type 302/304) Steel

Material Type

There are two types of material specified in MIL-DTL-83420M 

Type I: Bare Cable

Type II: Jacketed Cable

So, your customer is asking for: Type 2 (jacketed) Composition B (Stainless Steel) 3/32"-1/8" 7x7 Aircraft Cable, or Loosco Part# SF0947701 

"Slash and Dash" 

How about the M83420/4-013?

This one's easy, provided you have understand the type and composition above, and have access to the MIL-DTL-83420M Qualified Producers List

M83420: Military Specification Mil-DTL-83420M

/4: Type II, Composition B

-013: 3/32"-1/8" 7x7

Easy enough. right?