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3 Considerations when choosing Vinyl Coated cable

Apr 18, 2022 08:45 AM

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So you've decided to order a vinyl coated cable for your next application. A cable coating can add a lot to the appearance and performance of an aircraft cable, from nearly unlimited color options to  environmental resistance and longer wear life. Before you issue your order, here are a few additional considerations should you review before making the final purchase decision:

  1.  What is the cable operating temperature range?  Vinyl jackets provide a wide range of operating temperatures, from -30F to +180F. This is acceptable for the vast majority of cable applications, but if yours is outside of this range, you may want to consider a specialty vinyl or a nylon jacket to ensure you don't have a coating failure in service. 
  2.  What outer diameter jacket tolerance do you need to hold? Jacket OD tolerances vary depending on the bare cable size. Based on the bare cable diameter, it's possible to hold a particular tolerance on the jacket diameter.  This chart outlines standard tolerances for jacketing. As a rule, the smaller the cable, the tighter the standard tolerance on the finished diameter.  That's not to say nothing can be done if your design lands outside of the standards. As a manufacturer, we can offer custom sizes and tolerances in most situations, it will simply change the potential materials we can use and the processing speeds required to meet your specifications. 
  3.  How hard or soft does your coating need to be? Vinyl is available in a wide range of hardnesses, or durometers. These can range from very stiff to very spongy. We provide a standard durometer of 90, which is suitable for most applications. However, if you require something with additional abrasion resistance, or extra flexibility, we can find a custom solution to meet your performance needs. 

coated_cableIf you've determined exactly what you need for your next project, we would love to speak with you about your particular application. Take a moment to Contact Us so that we can find the solution that's right for you.