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Loos and Company has over 50 years of experience in the wire and cable industry. With our knowledge and experience, we can offer the highest quality products available on the market. Our general product lines and capabilities are listed above. As a manufacturer we can provide customized products for any application. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products and capabilities, visit our product specific pages or contact us.

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Tensile Strength and Other Technical Considerations for Wire

Apr 03, 2020 01:40 PM

wire-1.jpgHere at Loos and Company, we've been manufacturing the highest quality stainless steel and high nickel alloy wire for over 30 years. In this time, it’s safe to say that we have learned a thing or two about what our customers have come to expect from our wire. Whether you need the extra heat resistance of our Inconel® series, or you are a brush manufacturer and you’re looking for some crimped brass wire, Loos and Company has the wire product for you.

Commercial Wire

When you are trying to decide which alloy to use in your application, there are many factors to take into consideration including the environment in which this wire will be used. Loos and Company manufactures wire in a wide variety of conditions and tensile ranges to meet these requirements, including full hard, three quarter hard, half hard, quarter hard, and fully annealed. See the chart below to learn more about the tensile ranges for specific alloys:


If you’d like to learn more about these alloys, as well as the many others we offer, please visit our alloy page. Please remember that all of our wire products are fully customizable to meet the exact requirements of our customers so please be as specific as possible when placing your order.

 Jewel Wire Division

jewel.jpgLoos and Company’s Jewel Wire Division has been manufacturing various types of wire used in the making of industrial brushes for decades. On a daily basis, we work with our customers to make sure we thoroughly understand their needs and that the product we provide them is exactly what they’re looking for.

 Our Jewel Wire Division manufactures both crimped and straight brush wire. When it comes to crimped wire, we can use either gear or pin crimping machines in order to produce the exact product specified. Notably, we are able to crimp on more than one plane when specifically requested.

 Contact one of our brush wire experts today to discuss your application and determine the right product for the job.

 And don’t forget to come visit us in booth 107 at the WAI Operations Summit at Mohegan Sun on June 8-9 and see some of our wire products for yourself!