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Loos and Company has over 50 years of experience in the wire and cable industry. With our knowledge and experience, we can offer the highest quality products available on the market. Our general product lines and capabilities are listed above. As a manufacturer we can provide customized products for any application. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products and capabilities, visit our product specific pages or contact us.

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What is Aircraft Cable?

Nov 15, 2017 01:28 PM

The term “aircraft cable” is a generic term used to denote wire ropes from sizes roughly .047” to .375” and constructions 7x7 and 7x19. Aircraft cable is generally offered in galvanized and stainless steels, and is a very versatile tool.  It's the wire rope style most often used in diverse applications including dog runs and fitness equipment, sailboat rigging and bicycle locks. Aircraft cable is such a ubiquitous item in our modern world that it may surprise some of our readers to know that it is also used in actual aircraft!

LoosCo aircraft cable assembliesThe name aircraft cable is derived from the fact that this style of wire rope is and has historically been used for aircraft flight controls. The cables that you would find in your dog run or key chain aren’t of the same quality as those used for flight controls, but the basic elements are similar. The stranding of wires into cables is a proven method of providing strength and flexibility, which makes aircraft cable a fit for use in modern airplanes.

Loos & Co., Inc. manufactures the bulk cable and final cable assemblies used by nearly every major aircraft manufacturer. As a Military Specification Cable Manufacturer on the Qualified Producer’s List (QPL) for aircraft cables, we provide the highest quality, best performing products available. And because we specialize in high quality aircraft cables and applications, we can put that knowledge and experience toward producing the high quality galvanized and stainless steel cables for commercial applications as well.

Aircraft Flight Controls

So, when you use Loos & Co., Inc. cables, know that they are made in Pomfret, CT  USA and backed by aerospace quality and performance. And while your best friend may not know the difference, you’ll be able to brag that your dog run was made by the same company that makes cables for fighter jets!

If you have any questions about aircraft cable, or any other Loos & Company wire and wire rope products, don’t hesitate to contact a product manager. We would love the opportunity to help you find your wire and cable solution.