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Loos and Company has over 50 years of experience in the wire and cable industry. With our knowledge and experience, we can offer the highest quality products available on the market. Our general product lines and capabilities are listed above. As a manufacturer we can provide customized products for any application. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products and capabilities, visit our product specific pages or contact us.

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Distinguishing Between INCONEL® and MONEL®

Dec 20, 2017 09:08 AM

oil riggingHave you ever wondered what the difference is between INCONEL® and MONEL®? Do you know what these two alloys are and what they are used for? Perhaps you need one these specialty products and you don’t even know it!

In the most basic terms INCONEL® is a nickel-chromium alloy whereas MONEL® is a nickel-copper alloy. Both metals are commonly used in applications with extreme heat, high temperature corrosion, and generally severe conditions. Let’s take a look at some specific alloys which Loos & Company manufactures to get a better sense of their capabilities.

INCONEL® alloy 601 is “a nickel-chromium alloy with an addition of aluminum for outstanding resistance to oxidation and other forms of high-temperature corrosion,” according to Special Metals. These characteristics specifically make INCONEL® 601 an excellent choice for use in oil and gas extraction, among other applications. Typically, drilling for oil involves harsh conditions and requires products which can withstand these conditions. INCONEL® 601is the metal for the job in this case.

MONEL® alloy 400 is a “nickel copper alloy with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance in a range of media including sea water, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, and alkalies,” according to Special Metals. These properties make MONEL® 400 an excellent choice for applications such as crude petroleum stills, chemical processing equipment, and gasoline and fresh water tanks, among other applications. You will see MONEL® 400 often used in salt water applications to its corrosion resistance in this environment.

There are various other MONEL® and INCONEL® alloys which may be more suitable to your needs. Contact a product manager today and tell them about your application—they will help you determine which metal will best fit your needs. You can also fill out a wire request form below and we will get back to you immediately with a custom quote.

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